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With only a year under his belt, 16-year-old Elijah Clarke-Caboni (Born January 29, 2006) who performs under the stage name Lil Kizzle is a hip-hop artist based in Toronto, Canada, who is entering the music scene as a force to be reckoned with.

At the very young age of 3, Lil Kizzle was put into the foster system and spent the majority of his life as an orphan after his parents became incarcerated. Growing up in a group home setting he recalls daydreaming of one day becoming a professional athlete. Though he showed great promise and potential in such sports as soccer, basketball, and football through coaching and mentorship from his short time with a previous foster parent, Kizzle soon picked up a different hobby that would ultimately flip the page of his destiny.

In the winter of 2017, while living in another group home,12-year-old Lil Kizzle was invited to spend his first family-oriented Christmas dinner with his older friend ‘Breezy’ who offered Kizzle his first opportunity to record his rhymes. Later that night he went on to record his first unofficial track in a home studio. Though the track was only a freestyle with no important message Lil Kizzle knew he would pursue music from that point on

Even though his friend “Breeze’ was in that group home for a short time and Lil kizzle did move around from group home to group home like most friendships within the group home can be viewed as a revolving door of friendships. This friendship however with Kizzle discovered the art of freestyling and coined and set the blueprint for his stage name for “street credibility”, as well as what is to come.

By 2019, Kizzle befriended Mofano, another child who accompanied him in his group home. Kizzle guided him through the process and encouraged him to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the two years Mofano remained in care.

Mofano, who is also nephew to Morojele Music Group CEO– Tyce Morjoele took a liking to Kizzle and reignite the flame, as well as cemented the confidence Lil kizzle needed to know he has the talent, passion, drive and work ethic to be great.

In the summer of 2022, Lil Kizzle signed to the Canadian Independent urban music label Morojele Music Group inc. Though he is most known for his variations of the drill genre, moving forward Kizzle is looking to explore the genre of hip-hop as the newest face of Morojele Music Group Inc. and debuting his presence with the label with the single “Don’t Step”. (September 23,2022)

Though he has never attended a concert or stepped foot on a professional stage, the lugubrious artist is currently readying to join the label on its 2022 “Proceed With Caution” Canada-wide tour this fall alongside four other artists on the MMG Label.

Idolizing the late American rapper Young Dolph, Kizzle’s pen is on theme with the King of Memphis’ laidback, raw and hustle-infused discography. Additionally, Kizzle also soaked up inspiration from the morality of the rapper and artists of similar upbringing for their constant aid within their communities. Something that Lil Kizzle plans on putting together during his musical venture. Setting himself up to be able to give back to a plethora of charities and children who are at present living in similar conditions.

As quoted by Lil Kizzle on his first single release

“Can talk my shit ain’t no rookie like veeze Money boy money man me “